B & B Manufacturing

B & B Manufacturing
3021 West River Road
Olean NY 14760
Telephone:  (716) 373-5881
or 1-800-654-5320
Fax:  1-716-373-5883
Email:  bbmfg@verizon.net

Makers of quality products such as:
PAK-AGED WOOD™.. WOOD-PAKer™..Fire Starter


Pak-aged Wood™
• Learn how to make money in the packaged firewood business.
• Perfect for those who sell firewood or have scrap lumber left over from their
   business operations.
• Everything else being equal, you can enjoy greater profits with less work.


The Wood-Paker Heat Shrink Packaging Line:
• Designed for the forest and lumber/sawmill/pallet industries
• Meeting everyone's needs, from low production capacities to industrial


Fire Starter
Firestarter sticks are ideal for:
• HOME USE:  Fireplaces, Wood burning furnaces and the Outdoor Grills
• CAMPERS:  Campfires, Beach parties, Camp sites, and Grills


Pak-aged WoodWood-PAKerFire Starter

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