B & B Manufacturing

B & B Manufacturing
3021 West River Road
Olean NY 14760
Telephone:  (716) 373-5881
or 1-800-654-5320
Fax:  1-716-373-5883
Email:  info@bbmfgusa.com

Makers of quality products such as:
PAK-AGED WOOD™.. WOOD-PAKer™..Fire Starter


Pak-aged Wood™
• Learn how to make money in the packaged firewood business.
• Perfect for those who sell firewood or have scrap lumber left over from their
   business operations.
• Everything else being equal, you can enjoy greater profits with less work.


The Wood-Paker Heat Shrink Packaging Line:
• Designed for the forest and lumber/sawmill/pallet industries
• Meeting everyone's needs, from low production capacities to industrial


Fire Starter
Firestarter sticks are ideal for:
• HOME USE:  Fireplaces, Wood burning furnaces and the Outdoor Grills
• CAMPERS:  Campfires, Beach parties, Camp sites, and Grills


Wood Racks
Collapseable wood racks for your convenience in processed wood storage.
You can stack directly from you splitter or processor onto these racks to season your wood.


Pak-aged WoodWood-PAKerFire StarterWood Racks

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